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Drive Traffic

Put your top content in front of your audience and a larger network. Engage your audience and bring new readers like never before

Increase Engagement

Make your site more engaging by putting your top content in front of your readers, while attracting fresh readers from other partner sites. It’s a classic win/win.

Deeper Insights

With every click, impression and share tracked, you’ll never miss a beat.

It's free & always will be.

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Deeper Insights


Monitor your content engagement across your site, the larger network and even social networks from one central dashboard.


Label content as you please, block keywords or even pause content entirely. You control what appears on your site and the larger network as a whole.


Focus on what you do best, create amazing content. We’ll do the rest.

In my view as the network grows, 8Bit could become as important to an online publisher as Facebook or Twitter
- How We Made it in Africa

Join Leading Publishers

Once verified you can join 8Bit Boost a traffic sharing program that lets you grow your audience like never before

Earn Real Traffic

With 8Bit Boost you get what you give. So the more top partner content you host the more your content will also appear on the network. It's a classic case of win win.

It's free & always will be.

8Bit quickly became one of our largest traffic sources after we joined the network


By placing your top content in front of a newer and larger audience 8Bit is able to secure you a new enaged audience. Breakthrough the noise and find your new fans.

Cross Promote

8Bit Boost is the perfect way for you to get new visitors to your content. In return all you have to do is give a little traffic back to content from other great publishers. Everyone wins.

Industry Leading Content

8Bit is an invite only network with strict content policies. This ensures only the best publishers and content circulate the network. Plus you are always in control of what appears on and off your site.

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Enterprise solutions coming soon.

World class private network options let you control your own network and all the content within. Monetise, grow and control your own network with all the bells and whistles. From as little as $9 per month.